League of Legends, 5v5, SingleElimination, Manual accept


Tournament starts in 3 days

August 20th, 18:00
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1st place




  • 1st Swedish League of Legends Qualifier for the IESF World Championships 2018
  • Winners will be qualified for the Offline finals to be held in Stockholm, Saturday, September 1st
  • Format: Single Elimination Best of one (BO1) with a Best of three finales (BO3). 
  • Communication: This platform doesn't have any internal communication tool. To communicate with your opponents and admins in charge, please join this discord server https://discord.gg/RZqEWHn


  • All the participants have to be SWEDISH CITIZENS. The reason for that is because the winning team of the entire event will represent Sweden at the IESF World Championships (https://www.ie-sf.org/tournaments/)




  • Matches will be generated around 5:05 PM 
  • A dedicated server room will be generated on the Discord channel. Find and contact your opponents there 
  • The team on the top side of the bracket will be in charge of the creation of the lobby 
    • Press the Play button once you're in the game lobby 
    • Select Create Custom 
    • Map: Summoner's Rift
    • Name the lobby SESF VM KVAL 
    • Team Size have to be settled to 5
    • Put a password of your choice to secure the lobby 
    • Game Type: Tournament Draft
    • Allow Spectators: Lobby Only 


  • Once the game has been played, a score report has to be made to one of the admins available on Discord. To report a score, a screenshot from the post-match lobby is required. Each team is responsible for providing the admins with the corresponding screenshot.


  • The bracket will be generated around 18:05. Once the bracket is available, teams will have 15 minutes to find their opponents and set up their match. Delaying a match by more than 15 minutes will result by the non-responding team to be disqualified. Exceptions will be made if the team that faces difficulties contact an admin via discord within these 15 minutes, to explain their problems. In that case, an extra 15 mins delay will be allowed (30 mins in total then)


  • Switching a player before a match will be allowed, as long as the new players have not played for any other team in the qualifiers. However, the team that will win the finale will be the one sent to Taiwan (So no substitution allowed after the finale)


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Trophy 1674911 960 720
1st place
Qualifed for the offline finale (September. Saturday 1st) in Stockholm (at ESEN's Office)